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Ms Kristine is the best! So sweet and patient with the kiddos ❤️

Gloria for Isabella ❤

Marlie dae for Tylen

Wendyy Duran

Lisa Jackson & Sandy McGowan we need this for Hayden!!!

Letty Ramos

Sandra Garcia Mario Garcia for my sophia

Stephanie Molly

Amber Hughes

Sierra Brooke Smith Amber Elaine

Linda Garcia

Lindsey Hudson Boudreaux

Eric Napier

Fong Yeng

Kyle Laura Jenkins

Kalynda West

Clayton Dacey

Josh Ege

Kimberly Kiernan

Mayra Ascencio

Mel Sanchez

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3 weeks ago

Rockwall Parks & Recreation

Photos from Rockwall Parks & Recreation's post
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Great time & great band...we had a blast can't wait until next year!! 😎

Next year see if you can get the group Who's Bad, they are the most amazing Michael Jackson group.

Concert By the Lake 7/20
Here are some highlights from our Concert by the Lake last Thursday night, don't forget to come to our last concert of the season this Thursday featuring Escape, a Journey tribute band!
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These concerts are so much fun. Thank you for putting these on for us

say it's not so. We love our Thursday because off Concert by the Lake.

Ginny Winkelmann Smithpeter

Glen Wegel

Marshall Oswalt

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1 month ago

Rockwall Parks & Recreation

Photos from Rockwall Parks & Recreation's post
It's a good night at The Harbor!
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We used to love the music by the lake nights during our 6 years in Rockwall

Ginny Winkelmann Smithpeter. Def Leopard.....fake.

What a great night

Is there a schedule of events?

Olga Borrego

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This is how you start a concert by the lake!

Incognito taking Rockwall away!
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Such a fun band!

Blaze Of Glory putting the "ROCK" in ROCKWALL!! #CBTL ... See MoreSee Less

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I did not get to see these guys so I do not have a opinion but I will say I think the budget for the bands must had been cut this year because most of the ones I have seen this year are pretty terrible compared to last year.

Blaze of Glory is always good. Will agree about the quality not being as good this year as last...

Great show. I loved it

good band

Ginny Winkelmann Smithpeter

Heather Urquidi

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Largest Cupid Shuffle For Concert By The Lake!

Thank you Limelight for a great show!
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Cassie Ann Farrar... We shoulda gone last night!!!!!

I remember the camera man. Sorry we missed Emerald City

Terry Swann Brandon Smith Baer lets go next Thursday while y'all are here!

Because the band was great!

That was a blast!!

So much fun!

I love my city

a what?

It was so much fun. Great band

Meloney!!! We need to be here!

Set it up

Great band!!!

Great band!

Shelley Ludes Rockwall concerts

Dana Cliff Dalton McDanel did you go dance

JonPaul N Beth Stalnaker Linnet Torres Carballo Christy Margolis we should have went!!

Georgette Petner Kryzak Katrina Smith Misty Pomeroy You ready to come visit?!

Tyler Gilmore lets go lol

Jason Hukill Jimmy Holcomb Pam Holcomb Sherri George Womack Jason Womack Albert Rios Kay Jay Chuck Ragona

Monica Harisis Mark Harisis

Allison Hamm

Andrew Hongach

Ginny Winkelmann Smithpeter

Maricela Garza

Ceci Avogaro

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If you have never been to concert by the lake! This is a glimpse!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Do they bus people in? I saw 3 huge busses there

Thanks for reminding me why I choose to avoid this crowd.

Great band!

The weather is beautiful tonight.

Scott we should talk about these shows...

Faustine, we really need to go


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The Water Feature at the Harbor is operational and will be on during tonight's Concert by the Lake featuring "Limelight". ... See MoreSee Less

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Is it in operation for the rest of the summer?

It is not working today.. we are at the harbor😞😞

Tatiana Sanders, we should take the kids here

2 years ago


Rockwall Fireworks! ... See MoreSee Less

2 years ago


Rockwall TV Channels
Watch Rockwall TV Channels Now at!
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Out of the Frying Pan trailer!!
Come see it Oct. 15,16,&18 see Out of the Frying Pan October 15th, 16th, and 18th at 7:30 in Rockwall Heath High School's Performing Arts Center.
... See MoreSee Less

Tomorrow! 4 pm - Terrell ISD
Arrive early (maybe 3 o'clock) in the event we are ahead of schedule.
Tickets $5
Beautiful video below - Great cast and crew!!! CONGRATULATIONS and BREAK A LEG!!!!!!audiodallas's shared video file.
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come see us!! it's almost time but they're still in show 2!! so you an make it!!

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