What is Crowd Sourced Entertainment?
Crowd Sourced Entertainment is media (photos, videos) provided by you or a group. You are the producer and entertainer.

Where are these photos and videos coming from?
Channel content is sourced from Instagram and Facebook as defined by the Channel Guide.  The content is focused on Rockwall, Texas and Rockwall County and filtered for family friendly entertainment value.  Business related Instagram content is filtered out as good as possible.  Separate channels for business content will be established in the future.

Why doesn’t my content show up?
The Instagram content is only pulled from accounts that allow public access.  This is a setting in your Instagram Options for Private Account, so if Private Account is enabled, none of your content will be displayed.
The Facebook content is only pulled from a Page or a Group. No Facebook content is pulled from your personal profile. Facebook Pages or Groups can have restrictions based on Country or Age that would limit content from being displayed.

What if I do not want my content to show up?
For Instagram, set your Instagram options to private account if you do not want this web site, or the world, to see your content.  If you want the world to see but not this website, submit your username to Contact to be filtered out.
For Facebook, submit your username to Contact to be filtered out.

There is more good content out there, so how do I suggest information that would enhance a channel or create a new channel?
Submit your ideas to Contact to be added to the list.

In what order do the photos and videos play?
The content is played from the most recent to the oldest. New content is pulled in when the page is loaded, so a page refresh will get the latest greatest information.

Why don’t all videos automatically play?
Videos sourced on Facebook can automatically play. YouTube sourced videos cannot currently automatically play, so you have to press the play control to start.

Why don’t the videos automatically play until they are finished?
Currently, each video or photo displays for the same amount of time, so that the all the content can be watched in a reasonable time frame. If you keep watching until the content cycles back around to the more recent post, the videos will play from where they last were so you won’t miss anything.

What if a channel doesn’t seem to be working correctly?
Submit issues to Contact.

I see some content that is not family friendly, so how do I submit inappropriate content?
Submit inappropriate content on a channel to Contact.

Are you making money from my social media content?
Nope, just trying to break even.



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